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What is a Fish Spa?

A Fish Spa is a 20 minute session in which you immerse your feet in our warm water fish tanks, where our delightful Barefoot Fish await. For the next 20 minutes, these tiny aquatic therapists will pamper you by gently exfoliating away dead skin, leaving your feet feeling as light as air.

Barefoot Fish Fish Spa

Many people have found the Fish Spa can help with things such as:

  • Increasing circulation
  • Activating acupuncture points
  • Balance the nervous system
  • Awaken the lymphatic system
  • Treat psoriasis, eczema and more
  • Nerve pain and neuropathy management

The end result will leave your feet feeling refreshed and healthy. Many people say they feel like they are walking on clouds after a session

🌟 Discover the Amazing Fish Spa Experience! 🌟

During your Fish Spa Session the fish are:

  • Activating Acupuncture Points: Let the fish stimulate your body’s energy pathways, promoting overall wellness.
  • Balancing the Nervous System: Feel the tension melt away as your nerves find harmony.
  • Awakening the Lymphatic System: Experience a rejuvenating boost as your body detoxifies naturally.


And the benefits? Oh, they’re plenty:

  • Increased Circulation: Say goodbye to sluggishness; let the flow begin!
  • Psoriasis and Eczema Relief: Let our fish friends soothe troubled skin.
  • Nerve Pain and Neuropathy Management: Find solace in their gentle touch.

Your Fish Spa Session Includes:

  • a health inspection of your feet and lower legs
  • washing of your feet and lower legs
  • sterilisation of your feet and lower legs
  • personal booties
  • 20 minutes tank time with the fish
  • post session sterilisation
  • paper towel supplied to dry your feet after your experience
  • a personalised video and photos of your experience

Combine your appointments and save!!

When making your booking, you have the option to book a
Fish Spa and Ionic Spa together at a discounted price!

Enjoy your spa for less with our Membership packages!


Blown away by the customer service we received today! We felt so welcomed and taken care of that that itself makes me want to go back! The place is very well taken care of and super hygienic. Everything is wiped down several times and our feet were rinsed 3 times and had plastic cover shoes on when they weren't in the tank. Great job to the owners, you guys provide a super unique service and exceptional service


First visit. I really enjoyed the unique experience and loved how my feet felt afterwards. Hygiene was excellent, staff were lovely. Totally recommend!!


Recently Simone and Sam at Barefoot Fish Spa very generously hosted one of the challenges in our Transformations Rehabilitation Amazing Race. This is part of our12 Days of Christmas which promotes positive and healthy associations for our residents with this time of year.
The residents all loved this experience and for one it was overcoming a fear they had so really was a challenge which helped her a lot!!
Thanks again for helping create such a memorable event full of fun:)


My 1st experience having my feet nibbled whilst on holiday in surfers.
The ladies talked us through every step and were fabulous in keeping my daughter ‘tickle toes’ calm.
An incredible experience and will definitely do it again!
My feet felt A M A Z I N G!!


Thank you for such an amazing morning! Staff is so welcoming and friendly and answers any questions or concerns you have!! we loved this experience so much its so worth it! give your foot the love it deserves!! We will definitely come back next time we on holiday!


A very different experience! If ticklish like I am takes a few minutes to get used to, but the result at the end is amazing! Feet feel cleaned!


What an amazing experience. The girls were great & professional in their work. I have never had a fish spa before. I definitely recommend Barefoot Fish Surfers Paradise.


Our feet feel smooth again! We can't believe the difference. Highly recommend. Can be challenging if your ticklish!


Our first time getting our toes nibbled today. Mum and I loved it. Once we got over the initial sensation we sat back and relaxed. The staff, Sam and Courtney were very lovely and made it even more enjoyable. Hoping it will help circulation and nerve issues. My feet feel so soft. We’ll definitely go again.


Such a fun experience! My feet were so silky smooth afterwards. The sensation of the fish nibbling is something hard to explain but you get used to it and gave us a lot of giggles. The staff were lovely and happy to answer all my fish questions. haha

and step out feeling renewed, revitalized, and ready to conquer the world — one blissful step at a time!

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