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What is a Fish Spa?

Heel to toe fascinating foot therapy

During a fish spa, customers place their feet in tanks of warm freshwater containing dozens of small toothless fish.

They rasp, suck and gently nibble away at dry and dead skin.

The end result will leave your feet feeling refreshed and healthy. Many people say they feel like they are walking on clouds after a session.

Tank sessions run every 30 minutes. Prior to your session our fully trained Ichthyotherapy Practitioners and Assistants will conduct a foot screening, wash and sterilize your lower legs and feet. You are then placed in the tanks for 20 minutes while the fish work.
After your fish spa your feet are sterilized again before you leave.

The fish have been known to help with:

  • Increasing circulation
  • Activating acupuncture points,
  • Balance the nervous system,
  • Awaken the lymphatic system,
  • Treat psoriasis, eczema and more
  • Nerve pain and neuropathy management.

We look forward to your next visit to Barefoot Fish!

*On the day of your appointment please …. Try avoiding applying any creams or lotions. Nail polish does not need to be removed. Avoid applying new spray tans within 48 hours. All clients are required to complete a simple questionnaire to assess suitability prior to your session.

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