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We are offering a unique opportunity to make serious money.


A Barefoot Fish Spa treatment is fun and the clients laughter never gets old.


We will hold your hand for as long as you need. Our success depends on your success and we welcome you into our family.


We have many exciting expansion plans to share with our franchisees, meaning more income and opportunity to those who get in quickly.

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Step into nature's stream the barefoot fish experience

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See what our Customers had to say about their experience at Barefoot Fish!

Google Review

First visit. I really enjoyed the unique experience and loved how my feet felt afterwards. Hygiene was excellent, staff were lovely. Totally recommend!!

Google Review

Overall an awesome experience. The online booking was quick and easy, the staff were friendly and the fish spa was a very unique and refreshing experience. We will be back.


My daughter took me there today and I didn't have a booking but the lovely ladies slotted me in , they were absolutely wonderful and lovely, the fish tank was a great experience I would recommend it to anyone it made my day and the ladies made me smile it was all in all a wonderful pick me up . I will return and I will be telling everyone and anyone about the shop.


It was an awesome experience and great service by staff! Definitely going back!! Something really different. Weird feeling at first but after it my feet felt so damn good! Didnt think I'd last long cause of the tickling scratching feeling but the amazing staff helped me relax and I stayed in the whole time. Worth it!!!!!


Our whole family said nah at 1st when the ladies where handing out brochures today but then our kids wanted to see what it was like so went and checked it out and actually ended up doing it and having a fantastic time! The staff where fantastic and it really is a great experience after you get over the tickling/ 1st few mins! We will be back again thanks!


I took my two teenage daughters to Barefoot Fish in Browns Plains on the weekend. It was the first time we had done anything like that and it was such a great experience. Customer service was excellent, the fish tanks were clean and hygienic and our feet were amazingly soft afterwards. We will definitely recommend this to friends and family and are looking forward to our next visit to Barefoot Fish!

Google Review
Googe Review

Blown away by the customer service we received today! We felt so welcomed and taken care of that that itself makes me want to go back! The place is very well taken care of and super hygienic. Everything is wiped down several times and our feet were rinsed 3 times and had plastic cover shoes on when they weren't in the tank. Great job to the owners, you guys provide a super unique service and exceptional service

Google Review

Such a fun experience! My feet were so silky smooth afterwards. The sensation of the fish nibbling is something hard to explain but you get used to it and gave us a lot of giggles. The staff were lovely and happy to answer all my fish questions. haha

Google Review

A very different experience! If ticklish like I am takes a few minutes to get used to, but the result at the end is amazing! Feet feel cleaned!

Google Review

Great experience, very impressed with cleanliness

The Fish Spa (Ichthyotherapy) Story

The origin of the ‘Fish Spa’ has been traced back to the countries of Turkey and Iran. They were first discovered in the 19th century in the Hot Springs of the Kangal valley.

There is more than one legend telling the story of how the healing properties of Fish Spa therapy were discovered. How true these stories are is unknown and maybe there are variations of the same set of events changed slightly over the years.

The most popular one is that of two Turkish brothers from the town of Kangal stumbled across a hot spring one day during a long walk stopped to dip their feet into the water. The moment their feet were submersed, tiny fish swarmed around and began to nibble at them.

The brothers enjoyed this massage so much that they returned on a regular basis and adopted fish spa therapy. It is said that one of the brothers had a skin condition of the feet, he noticed a dramatic improvement as a result of the fish pedicure.

Over the last 500 years the ‘fish pedicure’ has evolved through research and medical studies to become an amazing alternative treatment to many conditions from poor circulation and psoriasis to lymphatic support and of course soft smooth silky feet.

Today ‘Fish Spa’ Therapy is found in many countries including Greece, Malta, China, Japan, USA, France, Malaysia, Indonesia to name a few and now Australia.