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Moisturising Foot Wrap


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🌊 Introducing the Barefoot Fish Moisturising Foot Wrap: Dive into Deep Hydration!

Ingredients Fit for Mermaids: Shea Butter, Glycerine, Vitamin E, and Aloe Extract

🌿 Benefits of the Barefoot Fish Moisturising Foot Wrap:

Skin Health: Let the magic of Shea butter, glycerine, vitamin E, and aloe extract whisk away dead skin cells and hydrate the skin. Say hello to healthier skin growth and increased foot smoothness. Your feet will thank you with every step!

Relaxation: Close your eyes and let the wraps gently work their magic transport you to a quiet space. Ah, bliss!

👣 How to Unwind Like a Sea Goddess:

  1. Preparation: Wash your feet and inspect for any open wounds or infections. Safety first!
  2. Immerse: Slip your feet into the moisturising wrap sock.
  3. Time: Let the magic happen for 45 minutes.
  4. Post-Glow: Wipe away the excess on your feet.

🌟 Bonus Tip: After the wrap, exfoliate! Why? Because hydrated skin is more receptive. Gently slough off any remaining dullness, revealing the radiant skin beneath. Your feet will thank you with a soft, sandal-ready glow.

🐠 Dive In: The Barefoot Fish Moisturising Foot Wrap—where wellness meets aquatic wonder. Your feet deserve this pampering! 🌊✨

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